Are you looking for beautiful tile in Port Saint Lucie, FL for a bathroom renovation? If you're totally lost in the design department and have no clue which flooring store to visit, then it's time that Prianti's Flooring stepped in with some invaluable advice. Be it ceramic or porcelain tile, you'll want to pull up a chair and listen to what we have to say about choosing the best bathroom tile.

Don't Pick Too Many Different Tiles
Depending on your renovation, you may need more than one type of tile. But, don't go overboard. Sure, you'll need a tile for the floors, one for the shower area, another for the backsplash and maybe one or two more for here, there, and everywhere else. Or, will you, necessarily? Keep calm, and don't choose so many, even though they all look amazing! Start with your one "must-have" choice, and if you need to, select one or two others that compliment your first pick. If, however, you've selected a plain white, or off-white tile as your focal point, feel free to add a colourful, playful, accent tile to add an element of interest, and spice things up a bit in your bathroom.

Make Life Simpler With an Easy-Clean Tile
No one actually enjoys cleaning, do they? Well, to make your life a whole lot simpler, consider bathroom maintenance and choose an easy-to-clean type of tile. Yes, they do exist, and yes, they're available at our Port Saint Lucie, FL showroom. If you're still in disbelief that this mythical creature does, in fact, exist, shop by our showroom and check it out!

Stick To One Glorious, Show-Stopp'in Masterpiece
Too many showstoppers make for one confusing, and possibly migraine-inducing, bathroom. If you're tempted to match paisley with plaid, then put the tile down, and step away from the credit card. When there are too many contrasting elements in a room, no matter how pretty they all are, it's too much to take in, visually. In the world of interior design, too much razzle-dazzle is a total faux-pas. Big or small, shiny or matte, a showstopper can be anything. It's up to you.