Why is it that vinyl always gets a 'bad rap?' Probably, because a lot of people equate it with the old 1950s pre-vinyl linoleum sheets, a material that's thankfully long-gone. But the truth is, no other surfacing material has undergone such evolution as vinyl flooring. Each year, manufacturers step up their game with the use of advanced technology, creating even more amazing looks, not to mention cooler features. Therefore, Prianti’s Flooring showroom pros would like to shine the light on some of the latest 2018 color trends in vinyl flooring. With natural wood looks and realistic tile appearance, this exceptional surfacing has a whole lot of pizzazz to offer your next renovation. Stop by our Port Saint Lucie, FL showroom, and see what you've been missing out on!

Metallic Silver
One of the most unique color trends in vinyl flooring is metallic silver. Though you may not want to redo your entire house this style, it does add a generous amount of oomph to a particular room. Now, you may be picturing stainless steel planks, but that's not the case at all. Instead, imagine stone tiles, or traditional wood planks with a hint of shimmer. Looking to make a loud statement? Well then, you've got the right idea!

Stone Grey
A few short years ago, stone grey vinyl flooring created a massive stir in the interior design realm. That's because, up until recently, the only way to get a stunning, durable stone appearance, was to use ceramic or porcelain. While it was mostly known for its picture-perfect wood look, vinyl flooring is now made in grey, and is a veritable replica of genuine stone. 

Distressed, Wire-Brushed, Hand Scraped
Expect to see this trend explode even further come the new year. Mimicking a natural distressed, wire-brushed, or hand scraped style, vinyl uses prints and embossing to take on these ever-popular looks. The distressed method creates a wear-and-tear appearance, giving this surfacing an antique, aged design with the look of wormholes, knots, burns, and scrapes. Wire brushed, on the other hand, shows subtle "imperfections" in the planks by way of intentional wire scratching, giving you the appearance of exposed wood. With a high degree of variation between the slats and long, ingrained scraping strokes, hand scraping provides a truly one-of-a-kind style option. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices!