Have you found yourself at the point where reflooring your home is your next big project? If so, we would love to introduce you to ceramic and porcelain tile for your Port Saint Lucie, FL residence. There are so many things that make it a great choice for your home, it might just surprise you!

The Search for Durability
If you are looking for durability in a flooring material for your Port Saint Lucie, FL home, both ceramic and porcelain tile will be a good choice. They both have amazing characteristics that make them resilient as well as long lasting. Getting the longest life span from tile, however, includes a couple of very important factors. First, you need to make sure to have it installed by a professional, and second, you need to keep up with the proper maintenance.

In Port Saint Lucie, FL, ceramic and porcelain tile might not be the best flooring to attempt to install by yourself. Since they are so dense, which makes them so durable, they are highly likely to break. Breaks cannot be repaired, the tiles can only be replaced.

At Prianti’s Flooring, we’ll be more than happy to sell you more tiles, but we’d rather install it for you and save you the time and money! We have experienced technicians that not only get the job done right the first time, they are also very quick and affordable too.

Water Resistance is Important in Port Saint Lucie, FL
Ceramic and porcelain tile are known for their ability to resist water. And in Port Saint Lucie, FL, that can be a very important asset to your flooring material. Of course, porcelain tile is more resistant to water, because it is so much denser than ceramic tile.

Glaze and grout will also play a part in the level of water resistance you achieve overall. You can come out to our showroom in Port Saint Lucie, FL to see the ceramic and porcelain tile we have to offer. While you’re there, you can speak to a professional about your specific needs, as well as our professional installation of the product you choose. We look forward to helping you with your floors!