You need to know this about tile, Port Saint Lucie, FL, because grout can be an important part of your tile flooring (or backsplash, or shower) design.
Cleaning grout can be a little tricky; because it’s so porous it can “gobble up” those spills and become stained. It’s also usually light-colored or even white, although people, more and more, are adding color to the grout lines as part of the design.

So keep the grout in tip-top shape. When it’s dingy, cracked or stained, it is not only unsightly, but can possibly even shorten the life of your tile. Mold and mildew can hide in the cracks, creating a health hazard.

While it’s challenging, it’s really not that difficult to keep your porcelain tiles looking great. Just remember that the rules are different for cleaning grout than tile, Port Saint Lucie, FL.

Prianti’s Flooring is going to give you some tips on grout cleaning.

Fact 1: Mopping isn’t enough to clean grout.
In fact, mopping can even make it worse, because it can push dirt into the pores. To clean it:
● First, wipe it with hot water to loosen up grime and stains
● Second, spray it with a cleaning solution and let that sit for five minutes before scrubbing with a gentle grout brush, or even a toothbrush.
● Third, a gentle cleaner, such as a 50-50 solution of water and vinegar should do the trick. If you need more cleaning power, apply a paste of baking soda and water, then spray on the 50-50 vinegar/water solution. It’ll foam for a few minutes, but when it stops, wipe. If stains are really tough, try an oxygenated detergent, such as Oxyclean.

Fact #2: Don’t use bleach to whiten.
It might disinfect it, but it will also deteriorate both the tile and grout over time. You can whiten it with the baking soda paste and vinegar solution, and some old-fashioned ‘elbow grease”, scrubbing with a grout brush or even a toothbrush. After it’s done, apply a sealant to protect your floor; your flooring store will advise you.

Fact #3: Prevention is always better than treatment.
Don’t let it build up so every time you get out of the shower, or at least once a week if your tile is on the floor, or on a backsplash. Spray with the vinegar solution, let it sit for five minutes, and then wipe.

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