Luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring offer a world of benefits for your home. They are an excellent choice for every room in your house. From basements to game rooms to bedrooms, they provide durability, functionality, and unique looks.

So the question comes up, How do you clean them? It’s a common question and one that those who are new to vinyl may ask. is here to answer that question.

Some simple cleaning tips

As with any flooring covering, you want to do a daily sweeping of the floor, cleaning up any loose dirt or debris. If you have any trouble spots, clean those and follow up with a damp mop cleaning. In most cases, just this alone will bring your floors back to looking like new that made you choose them in the first place.

If you are worried about fading, you might want to invest in curtains or other window treatments that prevent UV rays from hitting the vinyl for an extended time. Blinds can do a great job of this. Or you might want to look into window shade that can protect your floor without losing light quality.

To protect them for the long term, invest in some area rugs and runners. Purchase some furniture cushion pads to lessen the impact of heavy furniture on the floor. This can alleviate denting and keep your floors looking like they were just laid down.

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