Vinyl flooring has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and there are plenty of reasons why. It’s resilient, durable, stands up well under higher levels of traffic, and is simply stunning in appearance. Accurately mimicking some of the most sought-after all natural materials, it’s an excellent alternative to materials you might not be well-equipped to maintain at the moment. More importantly, they work so well in almost every home, nearly every homeowner has something to gain.

Prianti’s Flooring knows that your flooring must be durable and appealing, all at the same time. We offer a wide selection of materials that are sure to fit in with any decor elements you currently have in place. We invite you to visit us at our Port Saint Lucie, FL showroom, where we would love to embark on your flooring experience right along with you. Stop by at your convenience, and one of our professionals will be available to assist you.

What’s New in Vinyl Color Trends

Colors that are dark and rich can be used to create spaces that have a rustic allure, with an inviting warmth often seen in something like dark mahogany hardwood flooring. Of course, the dark hue is also useful for areas of high traffic. The darkness of the vinyl flooring helps to mask dirt and debris, reduce glare, and balance spaces where there are excesses of bright light.

At the same time, light colors are also popular in the current market. Colors such as gray, beige, blonde, and even white, can brighten up a room, even while mimicking wood products such as bamboo and birch. Choosing a nice gray can be the perfect go-between when you aren’t quite sure you want either dark or light colors on your floors.

Patterns that are big and bold have found their way back into the forefront of interior design, so don’t be surprised to find vinyl flooring with these elements. Large, block-style tiles, or interesting geometric patterns. could be just what you need to put some life into your flooring. Not surprisingly, however, you’ll also find herringbone, diagonal plank, and hounds tooth are still popular among homeowners.