Real estate is big business here in Port St. Lucie, and whether you are in the business of vacation rentals, or you're just looking to sell your home for the best price, you're going to want your home to stand out from the rest if you want to get the most bang for your buck. One of the best ways you can make a stunning impression on your prospective client's first impression of your Port St. Lucie, FL home, is with a killer tile floor.

So, with this notion in mind, Prianti's Flooring has decided to throw together this little guide to the most popular and breath-taking tile options to make you're Port St. Lucie, FL home stand out from the rest!

1. Large Format Tiles

People like the feeling of a spacious room. By employing large format tiles in your Port St. Lucie, FL home, you can create the feeling of a wide open space that lends a room a bright, airy feeling, even if the space isn't actually open, airy or bright!

The stylistic reasons for making this choice are reason enough for consideration, but there is a more practical aspect to this type of tile flooring, as well. When you use wider tiles, it means fewer grout lines, and fewer grout lines means a floor that is easier to clean. This is especially helpful in the case of vacation rental homes, because it will cut down on the amount of time you have to spend cleaning the place between guests.

2. Brick-Like Tiles

This is an increasingly popular choice among homeowners looking to capture a more European flair for their home. Tiles made to look like bricks have the effect of transforming a space to appear a little more classic and old-world. Prospective renters or buyers will be struck with a sense of stepping into an early 20th-century Parisian cafe, or an elegant Italian villa. The impact is undeniable and your home will definitely stand out from the rest.

3. White Wood Tiles

White tiles made to look as though they are made to look as if they are made from weathered wood, is another particularly popular tile choice in Port St. Lucie homes, because it gives a space a classic "Beach House" look that fits so well with the vibe of our city.

In addition to the aesthetic advantages, this also allows you to have the look of distressed or reclaimed wood, without some of the drawbacks that come with wood flooring, such as moisture problems and color fading from UV exposure. This is definitely a great choice for vacation rental homes, because the beach house experience is exactly what tourists are looking for when they come to a beach town.

If you live in the Port St. Lucie area and are interested in learning more about how well-chosen, quality tile flooring can transform your home, Prianti's Flooring would love to hear from you! Simply email, call, or stop in at our showroom in Port St. Lucie and have a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff. They would love nothing more than to show you around, and introduce you to the world of amazing tile options available to help you make your home stand out from the rest!