When it comes to flooring, there sure are a lot of options from which to choose. Even if you know that you are only interested in a certain feature, there are still numerous options before you. Sometimes it is helpful to have a little bit of direction. So, let’s start with sheet vinyl and ask the question as to when sheet vinyl would be the best option in flooring.

Where does sheet vinyl fit best

Sheet vinyl is constructed of a wide, thin vinyl sheet attached to a felt-paper backing. This is most commonly glued to the floor or the subfloor in the room in question. Because sheet vinyl is designed to be very thin, the floor or subfloor is often covered with a thin skim-coat of concrete so that there are no little imperfections that show through.

So, what does that mean for your flooring choices? What it means is that when your sheet vinyl flooring is fully installed, you have a one-piece, reasonably durable, and a waterproof barrier between you and the subfloor of your house. There is never any worry about any moisture possibly “seeping through the cracks” because there are no cracks or joints through which the water can seep. Even when two pieces of sheet vinyl are seamed together, the seaming glue is designed to slightly melt the vinyl of both pieces, bonding them to one another.

Sheet vinyl is a practical choice

Sheet vinyl is also very inexpensive when it comes to waterproof flooring options. Perhaps you are putting flooring in a vacation home you have on Jensen Beach or a rental in Indian River, and you aren’t looking to invest large amounts of money on a floor. Well, then sheet goods are an excellent option not just for the kitchen, but for your whole home.

Plus, let’s be honest, not only is water part of our lives in Florida, so is sand. When it comes to sheet vinyl, sand is simply swept up and you move on, saving you time — time that can be spent on the beach or the patio, enjoying the sun. Plus, sheet vinyl floors are cool underfoot, which is a huge benefit given our hot summertime temperatures.

Vinyl flooring taste

No, we don’t make flavored flooring, but your tastes have also got to be part of the equation. The days where every floor pattern was more or less the same are long gone. You have all sorts of textures, colors, and patterns available to you when it comes to sheet vinyl flooring. So, what do you like? The bottom line is that, if you like the look of the sheet vinyl, that makes it the best floor for you.

Our goal, at PSLflooring.com, is not to oversell you on a floor, nor undersell you. Our goal is to help you find a flooring that is best suited to your needs and one that you will enjoy as part of your home. We’ve built our business based on quality products at a fair price and on quality service. If you don’t like the floor, we won’t try and sell it to you. Simple as that. If you happen to be in the Martin County area, Jupiter, Jensen Beach, Indian River, or in our hometown of Port St. Lucie, why not let us continue the conversation about sheet vinyl with you in person. Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you sort through the options available.