There's a certain magical elegance to ceramic and porcelain tile in Port Saint Lucie, FL, an ephemeral quality that has withstood the test of time, as evidenced in the ceramic decorated palaces of Egyptian pharaohs, and the porcelain lined temples of the Greek gods. Even today, we just can't seem to get enough of quality tile, so much so that it's everywhere you turn, from universities to churches, businesses to residential homes.

As tile is such a popular flooring and decorative option, Prianti's Flooring wanted to walk you through porcelain and ceramic's rich history in the hopes of helping you better understand if tile will be perfect for your next major home redesign.

The History of Tile in Port Saint Lucie, FL
Ceramic and porcelain tiles go as far back as the invention of clay roofing shingles. With the dawn of technology and the modern advancements in tile manufacturing, this unique material morphed into a wonderfully versatile construction and decorative option. Suddenly, with additional surface coatings and chemical treatments, ceramic and porcelain tiles could be used anywhere: Ceilings, walls, fireplaces, and, of course, murals. When you examine the various types of tile in Port Saint Lucie, FL, you can't help but notice the vastly different ceramic and porcelain decorative styles throughout the older regions of the city.

The root of the English word "ceramic" comes from the Greek word "keramos," meaning pottery. However, we must look even further back, to ancient Sanskrit texts that describe ceramic and porcelain shapes as "being burned," meaning baked, to use as protective materials outside of homes against weather.

At some point, tiles shifted from sun-baked to kiln-baked, creating much sturdier and harder ceramic and porcelain tiles. This method allowed ancient craftsmen to decorate tile surfaces as the kiln temperatures would harden the designs as well, making them permanent. With time, design styles shifted and decorated tile was used both inside and outside homes. Instead of plain roof shingles, larger, vivid-colored ceramic and porcelain tile panels were made to not only protect a house, but also to make it visually appealing. These eye-catching ornamental pieces became increasingly popular throughout Europe and widely used in many buildings, from elite homes in Turkey, to public bathrooms in Spain.

Present-day Manufacturing Advancements for Tile in Port Saint Lucie, FL
Lucky for us, modern technological advancements in the tile industry have left homeowners wondering which fantastic type would best suit their home makeovers. Thanks to industrial machines, tiles are no longer handmade and are thus perfectly symmetrical. These same innovations have also allowed manufacturers to digitalize designs, allowing for tiles to take on any appearance imaginable. So, if you're hoping for a stone look, or that marble veining you love, it's no problem! Whatever design you think up can be permanently imprinted into your ceramic or porcelain tiles. Now that's revolutionary!

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