Now that we are about halfway through the year, the emerging vinyl flooring trends of the year are starting to come into focus. While most years we seem to find there are a few wildcards, much of what was gaining popularity last year seems to be holding strong. In particular, two polar opposites of the design world are butting heads, and emerging as the dominant styles of the past few years.

If you're getting ready for a big flooring remodel in your home, you probably want to know what's on its way in, and what's on its way out, from a trends perspective. So, we had our design team throw together this quick guide to the hottest vinyl flooring trends of the year. Here's what they came up with!

Gray isn't going anywhere!

One of the hottest vinyl flooring trends of the past few years has been gray floors, in place of more traditional neutral colors. The chic, modern ambiance gray floors lend to any room is still a huge draw for people who are embracing the current trend toward clean, modern decor.

If you're looking for a modern aesthetic that really lets your accenting decor shine while simultaneously tying it together, you should probably look to gray vinyl flooring to get the job done elegantly.

Rustic faux wood

There is a paradoxical rise in popularity of more rustic designs that is running parallel to the current modern aesthetic that is taking hold of those who aren't turned on by the modern, flashy aesthetic. Some people prefer a more down-to-earth approach to their decorating.

This rapidly growing trend toward cottage-style or old-world-style homes has led to a huge increase in demand for luxury vinyl flooring that mimics the look of reclaimed or hand-scraped wood flooring. These styles add a charming, bespoke atmosphere, and are the perfect complement to more rustic, traditional aesthetics.

Come see what all the fuss is about!

If you're not sure whether you are on Team Rustic or Team Modern, the only way to find out is to see for yourself! Our team of flooring professionals would love to show you around our Prianti's Flooring Showroom in Port St. Lucie, and guide you through the process of choosing your new floors from picking out the style that suits your current or planned decor best, to arranging for professional, high-quality installation.

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