What does “affordable elegance” really mean?

It means that all it takes is a little creativity to develop your own unique look, but you can do it without breaking the bank! Yes, even with something as architecturally interesting as tile; these days there are so many colors, patterns and textures, you can mix and match, not only to create your own design, but to create your own price point.

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Here’s how to give your home some “affordable elegance:”

1. More is more. Some people think they should only buy one tile and then just use sparingly to save money. While that might be okay, it’s going to look a lot better if you’re generous. If you’re tiling a wall, do the entire wall and maybe even the ceiling. Here’s how you keep within your budget: Use a less expensive one for the wall and the more expensive one as an accent, say around trim or grout lines.
2. Don’t skimp on installation. Let’s be honest: You can have the most expensive tile in the world, but if it isn’t installed properly, you’ll have unfinished edges and the whole thing will look cheap and shoddy. It also helps if you have a clear idea of where you’ll place everything before the installer starts mixing!!
3. Change the grout, change your color. Want to update your home’s look, but don’t have a remodeling budget? Use grout to add a little color!
4. Make a big impact in a small space. Usually, the more unique the tile, the more it costs. If budget’s a concern, find a small area where you can make a big impact yet keep your budget intact, such as creating a colorful backsplash.
5. Create a focal point, perhaps around something small, such as a bathroom vanity. Use two different tile textures, for instance one that looks like a grain, another with a floral or bubble pattern. Create something unique and eye-popping, and that’s where the eye will go.
6. For tile flooring ideas, create mosaics by mixing and matching or use a more decorative one as the feature tile and surround it by a less expensive one. By the way, if you’re tiling a high traffic area, choose porcelain tile because it’s thicker and sturdier than ceramic.

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