Walk into a vinyl flooring store nowadays and your head will swim with the options available. Now modernized and improved, today’s versions are a far cry from your grandfather’s vinyl flooring. If you are stumped and trying to find a multi-purpose hard surface covering that can perform just as well in your bathroom as it can in your family room, our professionals can help!

Drop by Prianti’s Flooring, Port Saint Lucie, FL today and let our knowledgeable staff guide you through the currently available selection of potential flooring solutions. Our installation experts can also answer your questions and provide friendly advice. Together, our skilled teams will help you find a solution to any flooring dilemma.

Different types of vinyl flooring
Vinyl is manufactured in sheet, tile or plank form and comes in many colors, designs, and sizes. It is generally composed of four layers, with a top (protective) layer, a digital (imaging) layer, a core (usually PVC) and a bottom (backing) layer.

    • Sheets
      Manufactured in 12- foot wide rolls, this product is practical for seamless installation. Rooms that can benefit from its water-resistant (and almost seamless) qualities are bathrooms and other spaces that contend with water and high moisture levels, such as mudrooms or kitchens. It is offered in many designs, patterns, and colors. More current options are thicker and heavier such that traditional gluing may not be required. Depending on the area being covered, you may have none or a few seams.

    • Tiles
      Easy to install and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. Some are self-adhesive while others may require gluing. More recent variations allow for (specialized) grouting so that you can achieve a more realistic ceramic tile look.

    • Planks
      These are installed as a floating floor so no gluing is required. They are available in various colors, designs, and textures that allow it to imitate real wood floors. They come in plank sizes similar to real wood plank flooring and due to the flexibility of vinyl, relatively easy to cut.

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