Prianti’s Flooring, in Port Saint Lucie, FL, knows tile. We also know that your choice of flooring is very important to you. It may be that you have already considered the options:

• Wood floors require a lot of work and maintenance
• Laminate just isn’t your style
• Carpet seems too commonplace

Homeowners in Port Saint Lucie, FL know that tile is certainly a good option when others do not appeal to you. However, you may be left with questions. For instance, is ceramic tile or porcelain tile the best option? In reality, both are a type of ceramic. Porcelain, however, is a little more versatile than standard ceramic.

Ceramic tile is manufactured by combining clay, water and other minerals. It attains a unique look after firing due to its porous nature. Depending upon how they are coated, they can be very durable and resistant to scuffs and scratches. Due to their ease of installation, ceramic is usually the more popular choice for many homeowners.

Porcelain tile is manufactured using primarily sandy materials. They are then shaped with both heat and pressure. Since they are nonporous, they do not take in nearly as much water as ceramic. Because of this, they can be used outside, as well as inside. If porcelain is chipped, you will need to replace the entire tile, because it is so noticeable.

Which Is More Durable?
Ceramic tile is the lower cost option and is therefore suitable for a great many applications. It is great for residential installation and stands up well under moderate traffic. That means it can be used in just about any room of the house. Of course, the less traffic ceramic is subjected to, the longer it will last.

Ceramic flooring is not recommended for installation outdoors.

Porcelain tile is actually quite a bit different from ceramic. Its construction makes for a denser tile that is more durable than its counterparts are. It is fired at much higher temperatures and pressed harder as well. This means it will withstand heavier traffic and last much longer than ceramic tile.

Because of the advantages of porcelain, it does come with a higher price tag.

Since porcelain is not as porous as ceramic, it is heavier and far more difficult to install. Cutting it can also be more of a chore, because of this. Special tools for cutting can come in handy with porcelain.

In DIY situations, the biggest mistake that you can make is to use the same glue used for ceramic. It requires cement or other special adhesives during installation or you will have problems later on.

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