Add rustic, old-world flair to your kitchen with charming Spanish backsplash designs. Warm and inviting, porcelain tile with Spanish themes will uplift your home, bringing it to life with this stunning artistic element. From contemporary to antique, you're sure to find the perfect style with this decor sensation! Are you about to undergo a remodel? If so, stop at our Prianti's Flooring showroom to check out tile in Port Saint Lucie, FL for more great renovation ideas.

1. Stunning Decos
In Spain, kitchens are unbelievably striking with vast amounts of porcelain and ceramic designs. For centuries, they've used this traditional look to incorporate bold patterns, or add a hint of color to a typically familial gathering place. To follow suit, use these decorative elements to redefine your entire kitchen backsplash, or tone the appearance down a bit with an accent border for neutral ceramic. Choose among trendy options like Seville, Cementine or Marrakesh.

2. Charming Mosaics
There's no doubt that mosaics are a classic pick for kitchen backsplashes. Homeowners who feel that mosaics seem way too lively, can find less overwhelming Spanish-style selections at our flooring store. For example, similar to tile flooring, we have some appealing motifs with rustic colors that come in natural stone.

3. Terra Cotta Vogue
Without a doubt, there's nothing more "Spanish" than terracotta tiles. Authentic, inviting and warm, your kitchen will have the perfect balance of these three key factors with an eye-catching rustic hue of clay. For a unique, dynamic look, pick larger tiles and install them diagonally.

4. Brick Appearance
If you haven't thought of brick in the kitchen, you may just fall in love with this option! Brick-like appearance tiles embolden a space, adding a lovely, antique essence. Impart even more Spanish flair by pairing it with traditional terracotta floors that will wow any visitor that walks through the door.
Whether you decide upon brick appearance, terracotta, mosaic or deco patterns, you're sure to find Spanish flair and inspiration for your kitchen in our Prianti's Flooring showroom. Renovations can be stressful, but the design aspect is so much fun, so play around with these fantastic style ideas.