When you shop for vinyl flooring, think about some of the names The Pantone Color Institute, which forecasts global trends, has given to their shades for spring-summer 2020.

They include words like saffron, chive, and orange peel. Pantone also named Classic Blue as the overall 2020 color of the year, explaining it as a color where sky and sea meet.

First, let’s talk about wood and anything rustic

While vinyl is available in sheets, you can also get it cut into planks.

The additional seams give the flooring even more realism. Two popular looks right now are:

  • Farmhouse:  Gray floors are all the rage with this look; it's any shade of gray, from dark to pale to silver.  Add embossing for a wire-brushed, hand-scraped, distressed or antiqued look; then add some neutral (or light blue to bring out the gray color even more) accessories and maybe even Amish-style cabinets and you have a kitchen that looks like it’s right from the farm.
  • Barn Door/Reclaimed.  This look is reminiscent of the old tobacco barns.  Explore the multi-tonal colors, especially the red/orange shades as well as beige/brown.

Pops of color: vinyl tiles

Just like ceramics, you can mix and match them to create a unique design for your flooring. Right now one of the biggest trends is the retro-style kitchen so add some color and fun.

Why vinyl is so popular

  • It’s durable. Vinyl, itself, is highly durable, but it also has a  top is a clear plastic wear layer that protects the flooring from scratches, scuffs, stains and makes it virtually impossible to walk off the image.  
  • It is soft and pliable.  This is an advantage to those who have to stand in areas for long periods, such as when preparing big meals. Some vinyl even comes with pre-attached padding that makes it even more comfortable and reduces sound. If yours doesn’t come with padding, ask your flooring pro if you should buy one.
  • Easy maintenance. Just sweep and mop. 
  • DIY-friendly installation.  The pieces just click together, or you can glue it down.

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