Well, it’s well deserved! Vinyl flooring, in particular, luxury vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof! Can you imagine a flooring that was so robust and beautiful too, by the way, that people can’t tell if it were wood or stone? Well, luxury vinyl flooring is it!

If you are in the market for vinyl flooring, come visit Prianti’s Flooring in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Even if you are just curious about this, we are happy to answer and questions and start you thinking about this amazing flooring.

Another fact to consider about luxury vinyl floors is that when installing them, you have options. The floor can be glued or better yet, have a click-together installation. With a click-together installation, even the worst disaster of a flood in your home from a broken pipe, is not so daunting. Imagine, you are away on a vacation (which I am told is when most accidents like this happen) a pipe in your house bursts. You come home and find 6 inches of water in your house that has just been sitting there. While it is horrible to come home to this, the flooring does not have to be replaced.

The floor can be taken up (unclicked together) and dried. Once the sub-floor dries, it could be concrete or even wood, then the luxury vinyl flooring you took up and dried can be re-installed, saving lots of money!

At Prianti’s Flooring, we have a huge selection of both luxury vinyl planks as well as luxury vinyl tile, in patterns and textures that mimic real wood and stone. You will be amazed at all the choices and options available. Bring in your inspiration for your home or room and we will show you what can be possible.

We specialize in affordable vinyl flooring installation and are proud to bring a personalized touch to all our services. Prianti’s Flooring wants to be your neighborhood vinyl flooring store. Stop by and see us soon.