No wonder vinyl is one of the most popular choices, even when next to the time-honored flooring choices like hardwood or tile. Not only is it completely waterproof, which is really a good thing in a tropical storm prone place like Florida, but many will think you have a hardwood, tile or stone floor.

Many Reasons to Love It
Remember those linoleum surfaces in houses in the 1950s? Well, those days are long gone! When you shop for vinyl at a flooring store like Prianti’s, you will see some samples, for instance, of terra-cotta or farmhouse solids or patterns.

You’ll also discover that you can get vinyl in sheet form, or cut into tile-sized pieces or planks. Planks resemble wood floors, but if you want a pattern, such as checkerboard, tile’s for you.

This flooring type is also:

1.Waterproof. Yes, we know, we mentioned this at the top of this article, but it’s so important it can’t be mentioned too many times. Here’s why: Maybe you are longing for hardwood. Excess water and moisture can harm it, so there are rooms where it’s never recommended for installation. However, you can now have a wonderful, rich wood-look in the bathroom, basement family room or an iffy, prone-to-leak kitchen.
2.Durable. There’s a strong clear plastic wear layer on protect the floor from scratches and stains, and it makes the photographic image layer impossible to “walk off.”
3.Easy to care for. This material is available with a urethane coating that keeps the floor shiny without any need for waxes or polishes. All you need to do is sweep with a soft brush and, for more thorough cleaning, wash the floor with a manufacturer-approved soap.
4.Softer and more flexible on which to stand. Some hard surfaces can be a little uncomfortable to stand on for extended periods, such as when you’re cooking. This has more “give,” though, so it’s a little softer. If you have kids or elderly residents, there are fewer worries about hard falls. It’s also not cold and if you have a senior pet, he or she will appreciate that!

Feel free to come into the Prianti’s Flooring showroom in Port St. Lucie, FL, to learn more about this incredible and hugely popular product.