If you’ve yet to consider vinyl floors for your upcoming redesign, then let’s get you acquainted with this long-lasting, highly durable surfacing option that’s incredibly underrated – at least, according to us!

Now, it’s important to highlight the fact that the modern vinyl flooring of today is nothing like the material of yesteryear. You see, back when it had just been invented, around the 60s, it was a very basic type of flooring. While it did what floors generally do – give you something to walk on – it didn’t last for long, and it certainly didn’t do it in style.

Fast forward to today and we have a completely different surfacing material altogether. With advancements in the manufacturing industry, coupled with new high-tech materials, vinyl flooring has quickly become something truly one of a kind.

Moisture and scratch-resistant

As we know very well, vinyl has been around for many years. Yet, quite recently, it started getting manufactured with newer materials, using more modern techniques. What’s more, it was also made in a vast variety of designs, patterns, colors, and styles, which added to its increase in popularity. With so many more advantages compared to the original model, vinyl floors quickly became known for their moisture and scratch-resistance. Thus, it’s an ideal option for rooms that experience wetness and humidity, like laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms.

Super easy to clean

Additionally, vinyl is also stain and dirt-resistant, making it super easy to clean and simple to maintain. All of this is due to its thick, hard-wearing protective coating that can withstand everyday food messes and liquid spills without getting ruined. Even in the busiest households, there’s likely no other type of surfacing that has easier upkeep requirements. Remember that protecting coating we mentioned? Well, thanks to that nearly impenetrable layer, vinyl maintains its shiny luster and doesn’t have any need for constant polishing.

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