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PSL Flooring, LLC specialized in affordable professional flooring installations for any flooring products

Today’s new flooring materials offer beauty and durability and they deserve professional flooring installations that match the quality of the products themselves. Nevertheless, to save money, many homeowners opt for do-it-yourself work or installations by inexperienced individuals that don’t fully understand the many different techniques required to install these products correctly. More often than not, this actually results in extra costs and delays, as well as considerable stress. In addition, many flooring product manufacturers refuse to honor their warranties unless the materials were installed professionally, which is another good reason to call PSL Flooring, LLC to do the job properly and affordably.

We provide expert flooring installations for homeowners in Port St. Lucie, Hutchinson Island, PGA, Fort Pierce and other nearby Florida areas. We supply and install all types of flooring products including carpet, laminate, hardwood, bamboo and more. Each of these products has specific installation requirements and our professional installation team is well trained in the correct installation techniques for each one.

Professional flooring installation makes good sense

Hiring professionals to install your new floors is a smart move. Why? Simply because inexperienced installers are prone to making mistakes that are costly and time consuming to fix after the fact. Here’s a good example: Hardwood just can’t be removed from the shipping box and installed. Manufacturer’s recommend that it be unpacked and left in the area where it is to be installed for several days so that the wood can become acclimatized to the moisture content in that area before it is put in place. This is particularly important in humid climates like Florida. If this simple step is overlooked and the boards are installed without getting a chance to soak up a bit of that moisture, they will do so later. However since there is no place else to go once installed, this slight swelling will cause the boards to buckle upward and be damaged or pose a tripping risk.

Another example lies in measuring the floor area in a room prior to installation. This seems simple enough, but you’d be surprised to know just how many folks get it wrong since many rooms are not just square or rectangular areas. Incorrect measurements can result in over or under ordering the flooring materials. It’s an easy error to make, and a difficult problem to fix when the wrong amount of product arrives. These are just two examples of potential, all too common mistakes. There are many others as well.