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Let's consider what hardwood flooring could do for you

If your search for the perfect floor covering has left you less than covered, perhaps it’s time to consider hardwood flooring. Available in both solid and engineered varieties, you’ll find your every need met, in every space. Solid flooring is perfect for creating a timeless and elegant decor element that remains current even in the face of changing trends, while also providing a magnificent lifespan. There’s hardly a more durable floor covering, and it is just as at home in bedrooms and studies as it is in living rooms and hallways. invites you to our showroom in Port Saint Lucie, FL where the customer is always our number one priority. For you, we keep a wide selection of floor coverings on hand, we provide friendly, experienced flooring associates to assist you, and a professional installation team to finish off your new flooring project. We also strive to provide the most affordable flooring while still providing the highest quality materials. Come see for yourself why if the chosen flooring retailer for Port St. Lucie, Martin County, Indian River, Jupiter, and Jensen Beach.
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Hardwood floors and their characteristics

Most homeowners who have tried solid hardwood floors for their homes have become loyal to the material. It provides one of the most stable, durable, and functional surfaces available for nearly every room in your home. Though the material can never be installed below ground, in areas such as basements, engineered flooring can, and makes a great alternative in this situation. It also allows you to maintain the continuity of wall to wall hardwood flooring for an amazing look throughout your entire home.

Refinishing is something else that makes hardwood flooring preferable. After a few decades of wear, these floors will be showing some signs of age. Refinishing them brings back that like-new look and gives you another few decades to enjoy them. It’s like having new floors installed without all the fuss.

The durability of these floors is an excellent option for most homeowners. With the right installation procedures, even pet nails and high heels will be no problem. You can provide even more protection against signs of wear by choosing a finish such as distressed, vintage, or wire-brushed that goes a long way in hiding small damages like scratches and scuffs. Finally, to make sure your floors have the best chance to meet their full lifespan potential, be sure to ask about our professional installation services.

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